Box Sash Windows

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We specialise in the repair, renovation and replacement of traditional sash windows and we have been specialists in this area for over 20 years. Working with Sash Windows requires specialist knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms of the window in order to avoid ongoing operating issues and to achieve a long lasting finish which you can be proud of.


We are committed to maintaining the traditional look of Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian windows in our capital so we will always give you the very best advice and service and you can rest assured that we only use the highest quality materials for the job.

We are able to repair even the most extensively damaged or decayed timber and most issues of rot can be resolved by repairing the decayed timber or replacing entire sections.  This means you can retain the original sash windows as well as avoid unnecessary replacement and cost.

Draught Sealing

It is very common for timber box sash windows to be draughty, but you no longer have to turn up the heating.  We can save you money on replacement windows and on your electricity bills by fitting a draught sealing to all your draughty windows.  Draught sealing will not affect the windows operating normally or the look.

Draught proofing is one of the most inexpensive yet effective measures to improve a homes’ energy efficiency and often pays for itself within a year.

..but beware

The maintenance of timber box sash windows really is a specialist skill, and all too often work is carried out cheaply, by inexperienced sash repairers or general handymen and decorators.  This can lead to a number of ongoing problems which in the long term will not only affect the way your windows operate, but the look and overall finish will also be compromised.

If you are new to a property or your sashes have been painted shut, the glass is scratched or your seals have been painted the windows have already been worked on by someone with little or no experience in this field.  If this is the case, we want to help you.

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